The policy provides a comprehensive cover against unforeseen and sudden physical damage to property by any cause not specifically excluded:

Hence covers:

  • Location risks-Fire/lightning/theft/burglary
  • Impact from falling objects-collision
  • Risks of human element-Carelessness/fault material/riot/strike/malicious damage/terrorism
  • Act of GOD: Storm/tempest/Hurricane flood/landslide etc.



  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • Explosion of any boiler or pressure vessel.
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear corrosion
  • Loss of damage while in transit from one location to other.
  • War perils, civil commotion, nuclear perils etc


Public Liability:

  1. Chemical exhaust or residue which is/are pollutant(s)
  2. Fumes as a result of R&D
  3. Testing on animals (rats etc.) – possible claim by Animal Rights activists.


Employer’s Liability:
Liability on employer as a result of injury to employees during discharging their duty. This could be Vicarious Liability as well.


Works-men Compensation:
Cover for employees for injuries which are work related.


Product Liability:

  1. Negligence.
  2. Strict Liability.
  3. Inability to recall.
  4. Design Defects.
  5. Product Withdrawal & Crisis Management Expense.
  6. Emergency Medical Expenses for bodily injury in case of human clinical trials including trial related athletic activities.
  7. Employees who voluntarily participate should not be excluded.
  8. Vendor’s Extension.


Technical Collaborator’s Extension