Consequent upon an unforeseen event happening during the course of a journey away from the Usual Country of Residence, the Company will provide the Insured with immediate material assistance as specified under the Benefits set of this policy, provided that the event does not occur outside the Geographical Limits.



The company will not be liable to provide any assistance which arises directly or indirectly from:

  1. Fraudulent acts by any Insured or any other person seeking to claim under this policy.
  2. Consequential loss of any kind.
  3. Extraordinary phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unusual cyclone storms, falling astral bodies or meteorites.
  4. Terrorism, civil unrest or riots.
  5. Actions by the armed forces, security forces or other organizations.
  6. Nuclear radioactivity.
  7. The participation by any Insured in:
    1. Competitions, rallies, or contests.
    2. Sports.
    3. Criminal conduct.
    4. Wagers or challenges.
  8. The deliberate act of the Insured.
  9. Illnesses or pathological states produced by voluntary consumption of alcohol, drugs, toxic, substance, narcotics, or medicines acquired without medical prescription.
  10. Any pre-existing medical condition, suicide or attempted suicide, mental illness, pregnancy or childbirth.
  11. Prostheses, glasses conduct lenses, hearing aids or artificial limbs.
  12. An aesthetic treatment a cure, a counter indication of traveling or of holidays, the impossibility of continuing in certain places with the advised preventive medical treatment, the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.
  13. Mental illnesses, depressions, any dental illness.
  14. Epidemics. Pregnancy complication.
  15. Aids, HIV