Almighty Allah has blessed mankind with knowledge, talent and ability to perform so as to harvest this infinite resources and enjoy rewards. Yet our today, tomorrow and days that lie beyond, confront us because they are unpredictable. We face formidable hurdles in uncertainty, risk and insecurity. Every venture in this world is inherently vulnerable and obviously requires stability in assurance.

Business, commerce, industry and area of production are vehicles of living and livelihood. Their dynamism and well – being are keys to our stable and prosperous future. Assurance is an essential condition, a great facilitator and an important support for all endeavors of this trade, like our company business and the practitioners of this trade, like our company, offer this vital support and are regarded as valued and important partner of business, trade, commerce and production. A business or an industrial house therefore choose this parter of assurance with much care because it is as important as the business itself.

We are an Insurance Company that solicits your business. At the same time we believe in your valued right of knowing us and judging us. We trust , you will come to know us and better, judge us well and hope to be rewarded with insurance business. With these words we are presenting Dhaka Insurance Limited – The Trusted House of Insurance.